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Addendum to Dream of Climbing Giant Tree to Avoid Destruction

I was thinking about this dream after I posted it yesterday. For the first time, my mind focused on the “spongy” platform. It was like walking on a leather couch, and there was not a firmness that you really want to have when you are walking. Once I understood that, I wanted to know why it was represented that way. My understanding is that this level, which many, many people thought was sufficiently high to avoid the flood, represented the LDS Church. It was fluffed to have a beautiful appearance, but was not founded on the Rock which is our Lord, Jesus Christ. I was astonished to have that insight on the meaning after so many years.

Dream of Climbing Inside Giant Tree to Avoid Destruction

When I woke up this morning, I was impressed to share this dream with you. It may be that the meaning of this dream will become clear in the near future.

In the mid 1990s, I dreamt that I was climbing a narrow, dark staircase inside a giant tree. I could not see outside the tree. I was firmly holding to the rail that was attached to the wood of the tree. The other side of the stairs was a dark void, and looked very dangerous. My children were following close behind me, and I was very concerned about their well-being, because of the darkness, and there was no rail to keep one from falling from our unknown heights. There were other people climbing the stairs, ahead of us and behind us.

After some time, we came to a landing, where there was an opening in the tree and we went out on a vast platform that encompassed the outside of the giant tree. I was very concerned that the platform seemed spongy, and not a firm place to stand. People stood at a kind of rail and looked down upon multitudes who were below us on the ground. It looked like there was some type of upset far below, and the people seemed very anxious about their condition. I learned that was why some people had joined me inside the tree, climbing those stairs.

I was saw two US military jets flying overhead. Then, in the distance I saw some enormous water towers that I knew will filled with so much water. I knew that those flying jets were about to shoot those towers and flood the entire area. The people below, had no idea what was coming, because they did not have a higher vantage point. I discerned that even at the height we were at, it would be flooded. So, I invited people to reenter the tree with us, and climb yet higher. But, there were not many who would come.

We again entered the tree, and once again began to climb those stairs. I was frightened, but I felt the presence of an unseen helper that took every step with me. I was very comforted by that understanding.