Ancient Native American Prophecy of New Scripture in a Time of Great Refreshing

There is a Native American book of scripture that was miraculously revealed in the last 20 years. It is called the Ayahtkuhyaht Nemenhah. Within the covers of this remarkable volume, there is an important prophetic word, which is very relevant for our day.

First Book of Tsi-Tuhgohhah 14:20-23

But I do exhort you, all who would receive my words, make good advantage of the knowledge of the works of the Ahmohnayhah, and strive also to do like unto them. For I know, by testimony of the Haymehnay (Holy Ghost) that has been given unto me, that you shall not have received these things, to ponder them in your hearts, except you do receive them in the time of great need.

Yea, it has been revealed unto me that my writing shall only arise from the dust in a time of great refreshing, and in a time of greatest necessity. Wherefore, take not these things lightly. Howbeit, they may be the means of your salvation.