From a Rare Case in UK to a Massachusetts Man: Monkeypox Should be on Your Radar

A May 7th article from Skynews announced that a UK Monkeypox case had been diagnosed in a man that had recently flown in from Nigeria. Usually, hard to transmit, human to human, investigators have found unrelated transmission growing in England. It was a day or two before Portugal and Spain also announced cases of this usually rare disease. Today, 18 May 2022, the CDC announced they were watching 7 US travelers who were on the same flight as the first UK case. Later in the day, they indicated one Massachusetts man has been diagnosed with the disease. He was not one of the 7 being watched. He had recently flown in from Canada. Shortly after that news, Canada announced it is been tracking their own clusters.

This is looking like the real deal. I recommend stocking up on Sarracenia Purpurea if you can find any. That is a plant the Native Americans used to treat Smallpox way back when.

The Bible indicates that God will bring plagues and pestilences in the last days, to try to humble the people. Renewing or strengthening your relationship with Him, will help in navigating storms like this.

The governments will lock down harder than any other time in history. And vaccine refusers will be faced with choices that will be reminiscent of Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego.

Hang in there. Don’t let your life become a paradigm of fear. Those are chains that are used so adeptly by those that are transforming the world. Break through those barriers to faith in God. He is the ultimate answer.