Bluetoothable People Who Are Vaccinated

Today, I downloaded a Bluetooth finder on my phone. I wanted to see for myself, the truth of what two different doctors has presented in videos online. So, I went to a local market and parked near the front, and pressed “search” on the app. It found 13 signals. There were tiny icons next to each signal. Some indicated the device was “Windows” based, some had an icon indicating “Apple.” But, most of those 13 indicated “unknown.” It was people walking around my car. How were they searchable by Bluetooth? Because of something that they had done in the last year and a half.

I verified it by going to what I thought was an empty park. Couldn’t see anyone. I searched again, and found one Bluetooth signal, which was “unknown.” I figured it must be someone I couldn’t see because of the trees or the landscape. I drove around the corner, and saw a couple strolling their children up a hill. I parked just beyond them, and searched again. It seemed that this small group had the one signal, which was unidentified by the app. My expectation is that one of the adults did that thing, and one did not.

Still wanting more evidence, I drove home. I caught sight of the neighbor who had done that thing, sitting in a chair outside. With another scan, I found a number of windows devices from my home, and one “unidentified” which I expect was the friend across the street. Do you know how heartbroken I am!? We all know that John warned against getting the mark of the beast. And most figure it is sometime in the future.

We never thought that it would be so subtle and slip right past most filters, to almost entirely overcome the church, including most of my family.But, then I remembered all the unknowing Jews who cried out for Jesus to be crucified. They thought they were doing what God wanted, but they were deceived by the subtlety of the enemy of God. The same thing happened with Joan of Arc, and so many others. It is something we should have known that Lucifer would do, and not be so easily convinced that “this isn’t it.” It was it. They are not done, for John counseled that “He causeth all to get it.” Please don’t.